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#OPGreece meets #OPDdorf

Düsseldorf, Germany 24.06.2012

Press release: Action group “The revenge of the Ghosts from Floria” puts secret documents about bribe money payments of German arms manufacturer online.

We, “The revenge of the ghosts of Floria”, have uploaded secret documents about bribe money payments of the German company “Ferrostaal” amongst others to Greek politicians. Its irrelevant wether we obtained this documents by hacking, or because somebody leaked the information or in any other way. Fact is that these documents are original and reveal how German arms manufacturers like “Ferrostaal” bribed politicians to satisfy their greed of gain.

The international debt crisis, which is actually a banking crisis and also a crisis of capitalism, steamed up over years amogst others by German corporations because they bribed politicians to become fresh orders which where financed with new credits. After the bribery scandal of German corporation “Siemens” in Greece, the documents show that this was not an isolated case. Arms manufacturers like “Ferrostaal” bribed Greek politicians in a grand scale.

The “Ferrostaa”l bribery scandal is known for a long time, now we published a few secret documents. Our position is that the people of Germany, Greece, Portugal and of many other involved countries where “Ferrostaal” bribed politicians have a right to have access to the information in these documents. The documents were produced by US lawfirm Debevoise & Plimpton (D&P) on behalf of Ferrostaal. German newspaper “Süddeutsche Zeitung” published a story about these documents in July 2011. Still we think its important to publish the complete original documents. The documents reveal that Ferrostaal made questionable payments of 246 million euros, even after a new German law of 1999 defined this kind of payments to a criminal act. Mostly on Swiss bankaccounts. Warnings (“red flags”) about these payments were ignored by the Ferrostaal board of directors.

The documents show how the former MAN subsidiary operated in countries like Portugal, Greece and many other countries and how they bribed politicians. In December 2011 the court of Munich (Germany) convicted 2 former Ferrostaal manager to suspended sentences and a fine. The Ferrostaal corporation itself was sentenced to a fine of 140 million euros. One of the politicians who was bribed is former Greek defense minister Apostolos-Athanasios Tsochatzopoulos. He was arrested on April 11, 2012, under suspicion of corruption. At page 36 you can read more about his role in the “Ferrostaal” bribery scandal. At page 37 you can read about a “Ferrostaal” contact man (Mr. Beltsios) with best contacts with the Greek “PASOK” party, who where governing Greece at that time.

Both documents describe that it was common practice, and maybe still is, to become fresh orders by paying bribe money. The board of directors didn’t care from whom these orders came. They also sold arms to dictators and their governments.

We declare our solidarity with the Occupy camps in Frankfurt and Düsseldorf (both Germany), who are both threatened by eviction. The activists again and again protest against the power and doings of banks and large corporations and in favor of humanity and real democracy. They demand from the EU Troika to immediately stop their inhuman austerity policy in countries like Greece and Spain and instead establish a policy for the people and their needs. The documents we now uploaded show that corrupton is not a South-European problem. Bribe money payments are made by German corporations. Its because of the greed for even more profits of corporations like “Ferrostaal”, why people in Greece and many other countries are suffering from austerity mandates. Enough is enough! Viva La (r)Evolution! Occupy Düsseldorf and Occupy Frankfurt will stay!

Rapport lawfirm Debevoise & Plimpton (D&P):

Top Secret Greek Submarines Payment Files:

Solidary & militant greetz
The revenge of the ghosts of Floria*

*On May 23, 1941 all residents of the small mountain village of Floria (Crete, Greece) where murdered by the German “Wehrmacht” (army) after the residents of Floria had put up resistance against the German occupation.

source :

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