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Hoping you care enough to do justice to the Greek people and stop the Vampires that are bleeding them dry…. Dr. Viviane Lerner USA

We are being decimated… the number of casualties is rising and there is very little we can do. Since we do not want to fight with guns please at least let us fight the civil way – in court.  Catherine PAPADOPOULOS

Justice is demanded.Cease the experiment of genocide imposed by oligarchical government financial interests and banks greed Nikos Dimopoulos

I am a citizen of the world but a proud Hellene!Our history is rich in civilization hence ,we Hellenes are the nation that opened the eyes of the West as to the meaning of civilization is!Our heritage,language and Christian Greek  Orthodox Religion MUST REMAIN INTACT!To those who try to bring us to our knees,I have a message for you:WE SURVIVED WARS AND INVASIONS OF 400 YEARS!WE SURVIVED POVERTY AND PAIN,WE NEVER GIVE UP!!LAY YOUR DIRTY HANDS OFF THIS HOLY LAND!WE NEVER SURRENDER!CHURCHILL SAID:HEROES FIGHT LIKE GREEKS!”WE SHALL RETURN MIGHTIER AND STRONGER!HELLAS IS NOT A COUNTRY!IT IS THE SPIRIT OF HUMANITY!YOU CANNOT ELIMINATE US!LONG LIVE HELLENISM!LONG LIVE HELLAS!!!ONCE AGAIN:WE SHALL RETURN!YOU WILL NEVER EVER GET IT RIGHT!An ine na pethanoume gia tin Ellada,thia ine i dafni!Mia fora kanis petheni!If we have to die for Greece,holy is the wreath of victory!We only die once!  Anonymous

Add me to the list, prosecute the government that has ruined Greece!!! USA is next, we need to prosecute our politicians ASAP!!! Daniel Beck

I wish to all the contributors that they will , one day realize and understand completely what EXACTLY they have done to millions of people. I wish their hearts fill with the incurable, impossible to comfort, deepest regret possible for a human being, and after that, I wish them to live long lives… inderstanding and regretting… ioanna karlafti

Put all the responsible ones to prison and for life. ORRRRR Hung them in Public so they will be exambles to avoid other similarities. Michael Antonios Th, Stratigos

In an era where corruption and social injustice seems to be the norm, and the rich and powerful clearly deem themselves the masters of the human race and the only ones with the right to make rules (the mainly serve them), it would be so refreshing to see justice work on behalf of the people. And when these people are the sons and daughters of the ones that delivered the lights of civilization to the world, it would seem even more crucial to not let them perish. Thank you! Alexandros Megas

Put them in JAIL !Exemplary punishment needed to prevent such crimes anywhere in the world.  Konstantinos Vardas

They don’t ask They don’t heart They stole everthing from us Put them inside for ever at least  Anthony CargasThis is a genocyde! Citizens didn’t know what gonverment signed. Gonverment controls media so media never show the truth. Gonverment broke the law in many ways. They are traitors and have made law so that they can avoid punishment! They let criminals from all the world ruin our every day life, no arrests! Businessmen bought gonvernment to rule the country! We learn too late from internet! Greece must not die! Greek citizens don’t deserve this! Please investigate! You won’t believe in your eyes!  Roula Bala


We demand the money they stole from GREECE.We also demand the punismend of all the people involved to this,and return the money from their acounts,to our country.THEY MANAGED TO MAKE A PROUD COUNTRY TO ACOUNTRY WITHOUT FUTURE.I worked 40 years hard work,to end to be fed by charity,and cherch.  ASPASIA Kakava

Many crimes took place the last 4 years in Greece,but it seems that Europe does not care,cause these crimes are for it’s own benefit.These crimes keep on,and make the people kill them selves,but noone pays attention.We want the people that brought us to this situacion to be broght in front of your court.  kwnstantinos Gumas

Please think long and hard before you do the wrong thing. Your SOUL is on the line. Give these perpetrators a fair trial NOW.  anonymous

Nothing more than justice, nothing less than dignity!  Christina Laporda



When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty! Rémi Thériault, Canada

Make the thieves suffer! Thanks! Xristos kiriazis

Save greece from the people who run her into the ground. I sign in support of all Greek people and their battle for survival Marja Boogerd , Netherlands

For the hundreds who committed suicide, for the thousands of families that live bellow the poverty limit. We want you in JAIL. STEFANOS ALEVIZAKIS

Well said! I As a citizen of the world, support the legal battles of the Greek people and ask the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) to immediately activate procedures, to investigate the crimes being perpetrated in Greece and bring to trial anybody responsible for them. Any and all persons found guilty must be punished. Such crimes must be prevented. Dr. Demosthenes Kostas, USA

Sign it..we need justice Susanna Green

This COURT, has been activated, for cases, less important. It must be activated now, as the will of a hole people, has been violated, the Country is taken to I.M.F. by faulsifighing the numbers, and the people that did it, is in and out of Greece(Germany, France, England) elias Mouratidis

I agree with Mrs. Christina Salemi, authorizing the truth for everything she is writing. Dr.Ioannis Pantazopoulos, Greece

We are witnessing an epic Greek tragedy.  What is being done to the wonderful people of Greece is a catastrophe and it is one that will be coming to the rest of Europe.  The peoples of Europe must all unite and come together to fight the corrupt bureaucrats in the European Parliament and the mafia bankers they serve.  Patricia Signoriello UK

The perpetrators of the grand heist of the world’s economies should be held to the highest scrutiny of the laws of international courts for crimes against humanity, racketeering, conspiracy, and any and all other crimes to which they are found guilty.  It is time to face these extreme crimes that are devastating our population, our livelihoods, our savings, our environment, and our future as a human species.  The depth of greed that is being exhibited at the expense of everything is insane and must be faced and dealt with, or else we are all complicit in this devastation of our world economies and our planet, with full consent.   Gail Giles, USA

We are humans and we have rights,rights to live,we have soul and feelings,we want our lives back and quickly.hTis crime must be stopped immediately.I love my country,i love people of the world.Do you?So you can do something quickly,do it now! anonymous

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