NEW SCANDAL – Papandreou’s Open Door Tactics To Illegal Immigrants Exposed

The Administrative Court of Athens on Thursday ruled that the initiatives taken by the George Papandreou government led to the uncontrollable influx of tens of thousands of illegal immigrants into our country over the past few years, literally threatening Greece’s national security. Some may say better late than ever, but lawmakers need specific reasons to reach their final rulings and do not always operate by common sense, much like the general population does.

The Court of Athens arrived at this decision after it discovered that during Papandreou’s term in office a contract for a “Geographical Information System” used for cross-border security and the movement of goods and trafficking of people was suspiciously (and ridiculously) cancelled because it was Russian made! The information system which was to be operated by Greek intelligence officials (EYP) was budgeted at some 1.330.173,78 euros and was cancelled shortly after Papandreou came to power in 2009.
The cancellation of this technology and Papandreou’s reluctance (or stupidity) not to replace it with something similar allowed illegal immigration to skyrocket, because Greek authorities were not equipped with the proper equipment to cross-reference all the people entering the country with other foreign services.

In fact, Papandreou’s government did not even give a reason for the cancellation of this equipment. The order was sacked by the previous Chief of the Intelligent bureau Mr. Bikas (a confident and close ally of Papandreou).

It actually kind of reminds us of all the Wikileaks articles that were released before Papandreou was forced to step down from power. In most cables, the former PM was shown as purposely doing the bidding of the US foreign office in Athens. In one such cable to the State Department, and shortly after his victory over Costas Karamanlis in the 2009 elections, George Papandreou was quoted by US Ambassador Speckhard as saying that he would cancel the transnational contract supply of 420 TOMA BMP-3HEL as well as all other contracts with Russia. Specifically Papandreou (who sounds like he wanted to impress and get on the good side of US officials) said “we will do everything to cancel these agreements, as with any energy, commercial and defense agreement between Greece and Russia. ”

That was then, and this is now. By decision of the Athens court, Mr. Bikas’ ridiculous decision to cancel this vital equipment was annulled and the Russian company that was awarded with this contract won. Unfortunately a hefty penalty is also attached with the decision which obligates the state to now dish out a substantial compensation to the company for cancelling the order.

But let us not kid ourselves, the damage has been done already. And all this because of Papandreou’s incompetence (and suspicious dealings with the West). (Article in Greek –defencenet)

Editor’s Note – How much more evidence do our lawmakers need in order to finally get the courage to point the finger at Papandreou for betraying Greek national interests? First it was the CDS scandal, then it was the ELSTAT scandal, today its this scandal. We are fed up!!! When the hell will they wake up?

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