Calling on ALL Humans to Resist Tyranny in 2012

Let’s attack them ! And we can start this attack from Greece, the first victim of the financial war. Already we have sent appeals to the ICC and we need help. We need YOU. We cannot spell SUCCESS without the letter U. Every individual is a U. When your turn comes will be nobody left to speak for you. For this, we must all together enter into the battle for the salvation of Greece today and your nations tomorrow, by the means of  the International Criminal Court and bring fraudsters into justice and restore real democracy.

As a first step, in this communication and legal war, I invite you to, please read, sign and pass on, the petition on the link below ( Sign the petition) ,  to the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, to activate examination of crimes against Greece and Greek people  and punish the culprits. Not to be limited only to this. Learn and update, consider yourself other simple ways to be active and put pressure on the courts and implement them. Notify, all who you know about that, just as I am now doing  on this initiative. THANK YOU ! (this is a part of a letter from a Greek pilot, father of 3)

I saw the video here  : Calling on ALL Humans to Resist Tyranny in 2012


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