By Basil Venitis


Samaras failed to hoodwink Hollande in Paris today. No more cry wolf! Yesterday,
he also failed to hoodwink Merkel. So his junket has been wasted for nothing.
Grexit scare fatigue is setting in. Keeping Greece in eurozone is a bit like
running a marathon. Many reforms, especially of the structural kind, take time
to show results, and it is easy to hit a wall when piggish Graecokleptocrats
resist change. To make it to the finish line, it is crucial that Samaras and
Venizelos, Laurel and Hardy of Greek politics, keep up momentum.
Hollande says: Greece must demonstrate again the credibility of its program and
the will of its leaders to go through with it to the end, while ensuring it’s
bearable for the population. On the European side, we are waiting for the troika
report. Once we have this report, once the commitments are confirmed, Europe has
to do what it has to do. We’ve been facing this question for 2-1/2 years.
There’s no time to lose — there are commitments to reaffirm on both sides,
decisions to take, and the sooner the better. That means after the troika report
at the European summit in October.

Samaras says: Some are betting that Greece will not make it. I am here to assure
the French president that Greece is determined to make it and it will. It will
do whatever is needed to overcome its crisis and remain in the euro zone and
play the role it merits in European integration.

Greece is becoming a Third World country! The government of Greece tortures hoi
polloi with huge taxation, 23% VAT, infinite bureaucracy, overcriminalization,
kangaroo justice, police brutality, cybercop barbarity, myriad licenses, myriad
applications, infinite queues, unbelievable political corruption, myriad bribes,
and infinite sadism. Only kith and kin of piggish Graecokleptocrats bypass this

Pasok and Nea Democratia mafias must be abolished now, because they have robbed
the Greek treasury and the pension funds, received myriad bribes and kickbacks,
exchanged sinecures for votes, spread the cancer of socialism, destroyed the
Greek economy, robbed the banks at gunpoint, imposed kangaroo justice,
persecuted dissident bloggers, established the kleptocratic impunity, framed a
ridiculous constitution, enslaved Greece to Fourth Reich, debased the Greek
soul, transformed the cradle of democracy to the cradle of kleptocracy, and
deteriorated the national character of Greece.

Juergen Fitschen of Deutsche Bank declares Greece’s political system is unable
to escape corruption. Fitschen points out Greece is the only country, where we
can say it’s a failed state, it is a corrupt state, corrupt as far as its
political leadership is concerned and obviously other people had to be willing
to support this.

The kleptocratic alliance of Pasok and Nea Democratia mafias leads hoi polloi,
who run amuck in the streets, to the cliff. Hurling yogurt at Graecokleptocrats
is the latest sport in Greece! Greece today is not a country, but a madhouse!
The freakish government of Greece stole my life!

Graecokleptocrats are frequently booed, mutzaed, egged, and yogurted by the
indignant crowds calling them traitors! Some students parade sending a moutza
to Graecokleptocrats! Moutza is the most traditional gesture of insult among
Greeks which consists of extending all fingers of one hand and presenting the
palm towards the insulted person in a forward motion. Madhouse Greece!

Greeks accumulate eggs and yogurt in order to hurl it at all Graecokleptocrats
they could find, especially Venizelos, who introduced the stupidest law on Earth
which states ministers of the Greek government are immune to prosecution! As a
result of this infamous law, Graecokleptocrats cannot be prosecuted, even though
Graecokleptocrats get myriad bribes. This socialist bulldog has transformed hoi
polloi to slumdogs!

Graecokleptocrats have a long history of promising reforms and not delivering,
and this time is no different. After decades of using public services as
political spoils, Graecokleptocrats must also take on the corruption and
inefficiency they fostered before they can implement the reforms that creditors
demand before releasing further funds.

Every time Graecokleptocrats have to receive a tranche of the money we’re going
to have the same problem. If they keep missing targets, sooner or later they
won’t get the money. There is a chance this is just delaying the inevitable.
Graecokleptocrats have repeatedly voted in measures and privatizations that have
never materialized. It is proving a Herculean task.

With one out of two youths now out of a job and more and more families having to
rely on one, trimmed down salary, social discontent is bound to become
explosive. Greek mayhem is not over yet. On the contrary, this is just the
beginning and we will see a huge revolt against Graecokleptocracy.

Eurozone paymaster Germany ratchets up the pressure on Graecokleptocrats, saying
Fourth Reich needs action, not words. Schaeuble declares promises of
Graecokleptocrats on reform are no longer good enough, because so many vows have
been broken and the country, which has been a bottomless pit, has to
dramatically change its ways. Schaeuble cannot understand why Graecokleptocrats
add insult to injury.

Graecokleptocrats have created a misery archipelago. The Greek Ministry of
Foreign Affairs is the most disgusting violator of the Lisbon Treaty. The
freakish government of Greece stole my computer and my life! Greeks are fed up
with all Graecokleptocrats. Switzerland is now a popular safe haven for Greek
money. Greeks have deposited half trillion euros in tax havens. Helping
Graecokleptocrats is taxpayers’ hard-earned money blown out in the wind!
Graecokleptocrats need a coup de grace now!

The major export of Greece is Greeks themselves, immigrating to Anglosphere and
Germany, running away from kleptocracy, socialism, bureaucracy, heavy taxation,
23% VAT, cronyism, kangaroo justice, persecution of dissident bloggers,
absurdity, Pasok mafia, Nea Democratia mafia, and Orthodox mafia. Madhouse
Greece! The freakish government of Greece stole my life!

Tsipras, a Hugo Chavez rabblerouser, asserts the Greek government should refuse
to talk to Troika. He wants to criminalize the privatization of public
enterprises. He has been labelled the most dangerous man in Europe, and he has
been pressuring successive governments to abandon austerity measures that
underpin Greece’s continued access to international aid. Tsipras is banking on
the fact that the eurozone treaties don’t permit a country to be evicted from
Eurozone; so he has opted for uncompromising opposition.

Greece, the land of kleptocracy, 23% VAT, and kangaroo justice, is a backward
Balkan country that persecutes dissident bloggers. The government of Greece is
a freakish blogbuster and the #1 enemy of the Greek people. That’s why Greeks
evade taxes and cheat their government in any way they can. But it’s very hard
to starve this beast. Winter of Greek Indignation. Madhouse Greece!

Greece, the most corrupt country in Occident, is a kangaroo valley! There is no
justice, and perjurers are a dime a dozen. Dissident bloggers are persecuted,
and Graecokleptocrats enjoy impunity. Election to a public office means a
license to receive kickbacks, provide sinecures to kith and kin, terrorize
Greeks, blogbusting, and do as you please.

Graecokleptocrats do myriad stupid things. The freakish government of Greece in
2010 was so stupid that it hoodwinked all media that I conspired to trigger a
war between Greece and Turkey and blame Mariliza Xenogiannakopoulou, Alternate
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece, for it! Accusing dissident bloggers of
treason, Graecokleptocrats have manufactured a blood libel in cyberspace, which
in turn incites hatred and violence. The government of Greece gave my head on
plate to Erdogan. Brutal Graecokleptocrats have destroyed my life. My life is
stolen. Now I demand my life back!


relative with the subject : Dr.Nicolas Kaloy: What is going on in Greece???



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