Evangelos Varelidis Why resign consciously from Life.

Thessaloniki September 1, 2012

I quit because the consciously planned and carried out whirlwind prostitution and Human enslavement from a power-lecherous and inhuman elite, which governs our universe, is evolving dynamically. This act of mine, as well as my decision not to give rebirth to myself on this Planet is a conscious reaction of opposition to this monstrous evil, which coward weaklings, who are using as bait Metaphysics and Real Crumbs in secret Tunnels and Catacombs, have designed and performed.

The Act of Reaction to the evil created, is the Law of the World and is the Act that restores harmony in the functions of Life, not words.

Consciously, I quit because our Homeland, our Home, our Nature, our children are the first to be burned in implementing the projects of enslavement of the Planet of the power-lecherous elite, which with smug arrogance and vulgar excess Hate, Proud of the power which shamelessly and fraudulently was intercepted, by exploiting the Creative Spirit of Humanity. Now, there is a sadistic delight over the pain and grief that has been directed that controls Life as a whole.

. With this action of mine I protest and acting consciously I withdraw from life, because our great Mother Earth, second to none, can not exist in the whole Universe, is craftily slaughtered and pushed to prostitution because of power-lecherous, cruel and misanthropic geniuses who after having abused as Eunuchs rapists and not as brave lovers on her virgin body, are now acting as wankers in their chimerical dreams, envisioning their World Domination.. ..

With this action of mine, I resign and refuse to give rebirth to myself on this planet, because Religions, Sciences plus the Personal Consciousness or the free will, were not included in the potential of our genetic code, which the Sun and the Gaia composed as to conquer or destroy their work. But through these Divine gifts, we are to understand the Natural World from which our Genetic code was created and through this understanding, increasing our Virtue in service to the great plan of Creation, we shall go along as co-creators to Her with all bliss that arises from this action.

We the People are the Seed of the Living body of Gaia and the Word of our Creator from it, is in the name of Love, dispersion of its Infinite Greatness in the Highest Space and not its conquest!!

I refuse to reincarnate with practicing artificial insemination inside the slaughterhouses of the modern maternity wards, suffering and undergoing the pharmaceutical and mental sorcery of Jewish multinationals and to be trained and educated facing a box of prostitution and eating mutant food and dreaming of chimeras, listening to rock music! And finally, join the society of the consumable goods slaves in the New Age and the New World Order.

It was this society in which Coward Traitors of the Human Law, politicians, judges, military officers, slimy moneylenders paid eunuchs pen holders of Academic chairs, arts and mass media, designed and run with the blessing of their churches

….I refuse to reincarnate in the Globalized cultural model of hate and contempt for Life, the Abrahamic Priesthood is demonstrating its obvious power of an Autonomous consciousness over Life and Death, building up on our planet for three thousand years and managing intelligently and with elaboration all Gods, Humans and Devils.

Now, has been imposed to Humanity to devour greedily its own flesh, playing the ultimate song of hate to the enslaved, depressed, useless and meaningless affluent societies, keeping in a self satisfying way to himself the role of the scourge of God ..

Today, I, Evangelos, a Proud Greek who survived out of the Mental and Organic Remains of the misanthropic pagan and cannibal culture unhurt. This world which will soon crown Sardonically, the diffused radiation from Fukushima to the Oceans. Resentful, depressed and angry for the monstrous work of wickedness, hatred, falsehood and hypocrisy, which was performed in the background of mankind for centuries now to the detriment of happiness that we, as humans, co-creators of the World have legal rights.

I,Evangelos, on behalf of all bereaved, Slaughtered, raped and betrayed creatures and spirits of Gaia …. Those who were massacred innocently and helplessly, under the insidious Organized Violence and the Limitless, Merciless Hate of the Abrahamic Priesthood!

I, Evangelos, with all the strength and glitter of my pure soul, I invoke the Law of Heaven and interrupt feeding my body in order to consciously move toward Him. To convey the sufferings of all our Erotic songs There, the grief of a prostitute, poisoned and corrupted Life sailing

towards Him … To ask for the goddess Nemesis to come to earth ….

I can do it. Anathema-Anathema-Anathema Anathema to all those who have planned and worked out the degeneration of the Human Race. Anathema to all those who are happy from the sorrow of our lives satisfying the sadistic, power lecherous and trivial interests. Anathema to all those who planned and worked out the vulgarization and destruction of the Divine Project which is called Life of Planet Earth of which all of us good and bad we are the children BE damned to the eternity. GENOITO!! Evangelos Varelidis

PS I invite all the musicians and singers of Thessaloniki as well as the valiant friends, inhabitants and neighbors, to come to visit me, to drink, to talk, to dance, to read for you Cavafy and have fun as befits such an act.

And because I have no money to incinerate my body, I have to sell my paintings, my books, my tools, my scientific DVD’s, my clothes, my car for 500.00 Euros and my Scooter for 250.00 Euros …..

21, K. KONSTANTINIDI St. TK-56431 Thessaloniki Heliopolis.

http://www.varelidis.gr /evangelos@varelidis.gr

tel 697 3535681 and 2310 650 632.

SOS!! Ευάγγελος Βαρελίδης Γιατί παραιτούμαι συνειδητά από τη Ζωή


2 comments on “Evangelos Varelidis Why resign consciously from Life.

  1. Μπράβο Χριστίνα, ήδη στο Fecebok άρχισε εκστρατία λάσπης αλλά επίσης και συμπαραστάτες από καλές μεριές. Μέχρι τώρα όλα πάνε καλά. Κουράγιο να αντέχεις την αχαριστία και να είσαι καλά.

  2. Συγκλονιστικό το κείμενο του συγγραφέα. Μόλις χθες την νύκτα μέσω αυτού του άρθρου το έμαθα που με συγκλόνησε. Ομολογώ πως ποτέ δεν περίμενα τέτοια απόφαση. Όμως την κατανοώ από πολλές βιωματικές πλευρές. Αν υπάρχουν ακόμα περιθώρια, είθε να μπορούσε να αλλάξει κάτι.

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