Letter to George Papandreou – the biggest greek traitor of all times

Dear Traitor of Greece

After destroying our country  Greece,something you always had as a plan to do you moved to your new career as a teacher in your real country America,I would like to give you my best wishes and hope that cancer will eventually take you to hell you and all your family, none excluded.

I also hope that one day we will get a leader who will demand from the court to hang you for high treason,you and all your colleagues

All the worst to your future,death may find you soon and your name will be written in history with black letters .

to: george_papandreou@hks.harvard.edu

Papandreu’s answer:

Dear Harry,

Sorry you feel that way. You obviously feel very bitter about what has happened. Certainly no one is happy. Neither am I.

But I feel I have done what any Greek patriot should have done. I had to deal with a situation not of my making. And do so with responsibility towards my country and fellow compatriots.

I would always be glad to discuss what I see as the truth with you.

Harry’s answer:

I am amazed that you still think you have done good to my country,come and see it yourself without the protection of thousands of armed police,see people starving,killing themselves.unemployed by more than a million people,and what you did is holidays in Greek islands in luxury hotels like you were doing all summers.

If there is law in the world you should be taken tou court and then to jail for what you did,if not god will punish you and all your relatives for what you have done.

What you see as truth is a lie,the truth is in the streets of Athens,you are a world criminal even if you pretend you dont know it,keep you truth to yourself Mr Gap,for me and all Greeks who suffer you are the worst nightmare ever happened to this country.

Harry Tsopanos

( Harry Tsopanos is a well known greek blogger  )

Read more: http://harrytsopanos.blogspot.com/2012/09/harvard-o.html#ixzz26Gi5JDE6

Our comment:

Of course that G Papandreou know very well what he does. And because he know, he is now in US. He hope that ….NO CHANCE MISTER PAPANDREOU ! You will see !  You and your fellows have transformed Greece in a hard dictatorship and you will pay for this and for all the rest . You will see….ΗELLAS NEVER DIE !

PS If my english is not ok no problem . Your greek is worse mr. Papandreou !


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