About the Chairman of The Hellenic Statistics Authority (ELSTAT )


Relative with our article The true magnitude of Greece’s deficit in 2009 was 3.9% of GDP, one of the lowest in Europe, I suppose that is a good idea to know who is the Chairman of ELSTAT (The Hellenic Statistics Authority), because he is directly involved. (JFG) So:


The Chairman of ELSTAT, Mr. A. Georgiou, under imminent prosecution for possible fraud
with the Greek Statistics

The chairman of ELSTAT (The Hellenic Statistics Authority), Mr. A. Georgiou, is shortly expected to receive a judicial criminal court prosecution, according to a wide circulation newspaper, “TO VIMA” in Greek “TO BHMA”, which last Sunday (1st of July 2012 ), wrote the following:

The Public Prosecutors in charge “have detected official-duty liability of Mr. Georgiou for unlawful decision making and despotic-autocratic predisposition in the way he functioned as he ignored systematically and practically abolishing the (7-member) administrative Body of the Authority during the period of the contentious issue of preparing the official figures of the public deficit for the year 2009 with the aim of reporting to Eurostat.

Mr. Georgiou is also reviewed as criminally under a required investigation for violating the legal incompatibility which is attached to the position of chairmanship in ELSTAT when he assumed his duty on the 2nd of August 2010, in view of the fact that he did not resign – as he should have done – from his post in IMF, where he served for 21 continuous years. He preferred to remain at his post at the IMF on leave without a salary”

The newspaper is also saying the following: “Strong arguments have taken place in the immediate past between Mr. Georgiou and the Board of ELSTAT members, like the vice- chairman Mr. Nicolas Logothetis and the members of the Board Mrs. Zoe Georganta and Mr. Konstantine Skordas (the newspaper has put his Christian name wrong as Athanasios), who have argued that there was no objective measurement before reclassifying the public enterprises (the so called DEKO in Greek) from the institutional sector of Non-financial Corporations to the institutional sector of General Government, thus leading to a hastened and improvised figure for the public deficit.”

The newspaper goes on as “The Hellenic Statistics Authority was constituted in order to replace the sinful National Statistical Service of Greece (NSSG). However, its initial form was gradually mutated to become – according to official prosecutors in charge – “one man’s authority”. Within only two years, its initial statistical law was four times modified so that the role of the chairman could be more and more strengthened. These changes in the initial law were related to a “suspicious” atmosphere, as Mr. Georgiou was a fellow-pupil/student, with one year difference, of the ex Minister of Finance Mr. George Papakonstantinou. This fact was corroborated by the methodical handling of third parties who seem to have found a line of communication with Mr. Georgiou. So much the ex colleague of Mr. Georgiou at IMF and one of the troika representatives, Mr. Poul Thomsen, as well as officials of the EU, like the General Director of Eurostat Mr. Walter Rademacher and the Resident Representative of Eurostat at ELSTAT Mr. Halgrimur Snorrason, seem intervening to Mr. Papakonstantinou asking for the modification of the initial statistical law in order to strengthen Mr. Georgiou’s position.

Indicative of the marginalization of the rest of the members of the Board are the following: The Board members were getting informed about the official reports to Eurostat through…


the TV; the abolishment of the obligatory by law minimum number of meetings of the Board once a month; the order of Mr. Georgiou to the ELSTAT personnel to keep the members of the Board to quarantine even for very narrowly defined duties; the move and replacement of the Director of National Accounts, Mr. Nicolas Stroblos, who was at that post for 21 years.”

I must note that the journalist, Mrs. Eleutheria Kollia, who wrote the above reportage, has added certain misleading or ironical (I cannot say) – by my opinion – features in her writing: For example, she put as title to her article the following:

Well, for the information of those who will read this announcement, I would like to report the following:

At his speech while presenting Mr. Georgiou to the ELSTAT personnel, on the 2nd of August 2010, the ex-Minister of Finance, Mr. George Papakonstantinou, said the following, which has been officially recorded:

Well, as it is now known,

  • (1)  Mr. Georgiou did not resign from the IMF (as he should have done by law)
  • (2)  Both Mr. Georgiou and Mr. Papakonstantinou have lied
  • (3)  Mr. Georgiou is now getting his pension from the IMF plus a salary of 7500 euros per
    month from the ELSTAT budget, plus he has illegally a public servant as driver for his expensive car which has been paid by the Greek state (again illegally), plus an expensive cellular phone charged to the Greek state, who knows by how much.

Zoe Georganta


image from ploigos1.blogspot.com

This video was made before the last accusations made by Zoe Georganta

video from



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