“Papandreou Will Kill You” Game Is Here

This guy is teaching now at Harvard but the greek parliament is still paying him as a greek deputy …..

“Move over Chuck Norris, Papandreou speaking!” Are you ready for adventure? Do you have what it takes to face a brutal opponent? Have you charged up your ammunition and are all fired up? If yes then you are ready to face George Papandreou who is locked in a warehouse and is trying to get out to kill you. That is of course you kill him first. LOL. Folks, the buzz in the Greek technology world is about a new action shooter adventure game called “Papandreou will kill you”. The game was invented by a Greek techie and word has it that it already has many fans!

(Editor – Clearing throat… I wonder why?)

As you play the game, George Papandreou suddenly appears holding a weapon and he begins firing on the player and basically the player either fights back -to survive- or gets thrown out the game.

Poor George, this will not add credits to his wanna-be image at Harvard Kennedy School. Tsk.. tsk..

(Original article in Greek can be found on inews)


Papandreou’s song ….

Papandreou’s love letters …

Dear Traitor of Greece

After destroying our country  Greece, something you always had as a plan to do you moved to your new career as a teacher in your real country America, I would like to give you my best wishes and hope that cancer will eventually take you to hell you and all your family, none excluded.

I also hope that one day we will get a leader who will demand from the court to hang you for high treason, you and all your colleagues

All the worst to your future,death may find you soon and your name will be written in history with black letters . the full article here 


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