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We the people of Ellada (Greece) are the last remnants of the Eastern civilization. Through hardships untold we have made it so far, surviving the Persian arrows, the Saracen invadors and the Ottoman blade. However the blows we’ve sustained through the aeons were hardly as damaging as the ones the economical terrorism has brought in just a few decades. Don’t eradicate us, the world will not be a better place without us. We are not lazy and corrupt as the media often makes us appear. We’re just the first piece of an array of domino tiles. Our demise will only bring the rest of the world closer to its own.

Eleni Papantoniou

The situation in Greece is very dangerous for the people.my parents were working 25 years,very hart and very much,now we can’t leave.we don’t have money for food,for doctors.my father is serious ill and he can’t pay the medicaments .all these years not even one time went to the doctor.he was paying always the money for the ensurance,one time he needed something and he must pay for everything.In schools every day more children fall down,because they don’t have to eat.The grandparents,they were paying 35 years to take pension, and they don’t have money to eat,to take their medicine and they have given these money.And the mafia-goverment wants to steal us more money.We pay taxis for our houses with the electricity,if you don’t pay the bill,you don’t have electricity. And from the little money,which take someone,who works the 75% goes as taxes again to the black hole of the Greek National Bank.(which is in fact private) Please help us before it’s too late…we have “war”and every day people dead

Roula Bala

Greeks are like bees. If they disappear, humanity will have 4 years of language left.

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