To the Harvard School Institute of Politics: Please Cancel the “Redesigning Europe” seminars-study program by George Papandreou


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Institute of Politics
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Trey Grayson, Director of Harvard School Institute of Politics

Cathey Park Fellows Coordinator Institute of Politic

Catherine McLaughlin  Executive Director

Christian Flynn Director of conferences and special projects

Amy Howell Director of Internships

Eric Andersen Director, Fellows and Study Groups Program

Dear Madames and Sirs

GAP (Georgrge Papadopoulos ), a treacherous prime-minister; and far from qualifying as statesman 

From the Website of your Institute, I am informed that the Fellows and Study group Program has organized a series of seminars/discussions, titled “Redesigning Europe”, to be presented and led by George Papandreou ( )

This casts a credibility doubt on your University School’s repute.  Would your institution in other circumstances invite Hitler, or Mussolini, or Pol Pot, to lead your lectures on American Democracy, or on Australia’s Stimulating Economy?  Believe us, GAP is of similarly low international esteem!  Hellenes in USA, in Hellas, and worldwide, regard him as the traitor and persecutor of Hellenes for their crime of inheriting high civilisation legacies.  Your Institute does a grave mistake in inviting this person who presently is virtually a person of public disgrace (persona non grata) a traitor, and now a run-away

Please understand that for the majority of Greeks who live in Hellas and experience the hardships, as well as for Greek Americans who, in desperation and indignation are watching Greece drowning and do not know how to help, GEORGE PAPANDREOU (GAP) IS A WANTED MAN. A man who should be investigated for treason, a man who, intentionally or unintentionally (unfortunately there is a lot of evidence for the former) bears the greatest responsibility for Greece’s downfall and for the consequences on the Greek people, which range from closing their businesses and losing their jobs to ending up homeless or committing suicide

In its indirect disregard of GA Papandreou’s prime-ministership in Hellas, your description of him does somewhat unwittingly downcasts it as his most failed attribute.  The lecture agenda includes “Greece takes centre stage” of the experiment.  This is GAP’s central repertoire for which he attained notoriety and infamy, as by pretext of sovereign debt (actually smaller of all in Europe) he led Hellenes and their economy to genocidal bondage of IMF, European financiers and bankers. GAP in collusion with his international patrons reduced his country to this experimental “Greece takes centre stage” for third world “competitiveness” poverty and the wholesale of the national assets and treasures.  Such a failed and treacherous politician ought not be allowed a teaching role;  what would the quality be by a person such as GAP ?

It is inappropriate for your prestigious institute, at these crucial times, to invite George Papandreou to offer his insights regarding “sovereign debt crisis”, “solutions to global problems”, “Will austerity make our economies competitive?” etc. Is he, seriously, the authority to talk about austerity and the impact on a country’s competitiveness ? 

Presenting himself as a “socialist”, I doubt that he will advocate austerity measures as a means to increase a country’s competitiveness. Yet, this is exactly what he dragged Greece into. Do you see the hypocrisy here? Considering his recent “achievements”, is George Papandreou a suitable person “to inspire students to consider careers in politics and public service”, which is the mission of your Institute? 

Do you understand that inviting this individual to lead a study group in your institution (an invitation that honors G. Papandreou and indicates that you hold high respect for him and his views) is a slap in the face for the Greek people?

Please do not allow these seminars to continue. Cancel these seminars on the basis that you received many complaints from Hellenes and friends, and that your prestigious Institute cannot afford to organize and sponsor questionable programs.

Thank you,

Eleftheriades, George Savva, OAM, GCSCG, CETr, JP.

49A Tramway Street, Rosebery, New South Wales, Australia, 2018


Academician-Educationist.  Government Approved Provider of Education (1974/91). Catechist (1956/88)

Collegiarch (Head of Colleges), Athenaeum Communiversity Colleges (Sydney 1974/91)
Listed in Federal Government Select Register for Advisory Services.
Formerly:   – Administration Clerk, British Forces, Suez, Egypt (1944/1954)
                    – Public Servant, PMG-Australia Post (1955/1991)
                    – Manager (Night Staff), Rushcutters Bay Mail Centre (1987/1991) 
Member:     – Greek Australian Professionals Association (GAPA, 1988/2003)
                    – Hellenic Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industries (HACCI, 1989/93)
                    – Order of Australia (invested 8.6.1998)
                    – Judiciary (admitted Justice of the Peace, 15.2.1967)
                    – Protospathaire (Knight Commander) Saint Eugene Order of Trapezous  
                    – Grand Croix (cross), Order of Saint Constantine the Great

Nominated for non-political peerage in the House of Lords (UK 2002)

NB This Sunday’s (30.9.2012) reading “love your enemies”, yes, we may love even present day Neros, Herods, Hitlers, etc, but can unrepenting persecutors of the nation be forgiven ?

George Papandreou

Fall 2012 Visiting Fellow

George A. Papandreou graduated from Amherst College and holds an M.Sc. in Sociology and Development from London School of Economics. He was a fellow at Harvard University’s Center for International Affairs (1992-1993). An MP since 1981, he served in several government posts, as undersecretary of Culture and Minister of Education, before becoming Foreign Minister from 1999-2004.

Papandreou has received several honors for his commitment to promote peace and democracy, as well as for fighting racism, and notably for his successful campaign, as Foreign Minister, to engineer a rapprochement between Greece and Turkey.

Papandreou is Vice Chairperson of the International Olympic Truce Foundation, an institution he actively promoted when the city of Athens was awarded the 2004 Olympic Games. An active supporter of the information society and e-democracy, in 2003 Papandreou was selected as one of the “25 People Who are Changing the World of Internet Politics”.

As President of the Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK) from January 2004 – March 2012, Papandreou launched radical reforms of the Greek party political system. He served as Prime Minister of Greece from October 2009 – November 2011.

Papandreou was unanimously elected as President of the Socialist International in January 2006, a position which he currently holds, as well as being a Member of the Greek Parliament.

George Papandreou is married to Ada, and has two children, Andreas and Margarita-Elena.

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