University of Macedonia – The first Honorary Doctorate to a German speaking scientist

Ladies and Gentlemen,

the Department of International and European Studies by offering this honorary doctorate to our colleague Friedrich Schneider offers the first Honorary Doctorate to a German speaking scientist.  German is the language of so many great thinkers as Kepler, Leibnitz, Kant, Goethe, Hegel, Marx, Nietzsche, Weber, Heidegger, Schumpeter – to mention just a few.  It is our way to show our respect to so many bright minds from the German speaking world who contributed to science, to wisdom, to thinking, to our thinking.

Being a Department of the Hellenic Republic that studies and teaches Economics and Politics at the international and European level, and thus having a profound understanding of the political and economic juncture, it is also the opportunity to honor from this University, bearing the burden of its name, all those German language authors who used as their primary source, often from the original Greek text, thinkers of our region, such as Aristotle, born in the land of Macedonia or Thucydides whose father was born in Macedonia. I am thinking, just to give one example –  of Albin Lesky, an Austrian Professor of Ancient Greek at the University of Vienna, who gave the best account and overview of the Ancient Greek literature (Geschichte der Griechischen Literatur).

It is also our way to show recognition to those many in the German speaking world – common people, politicians, scientists – who instead of raising a finger to us or against us, they have offered their hand of solidarity and support. It is them who knew that an economic problem cannot be confined within the limits of one state; it is them who understand that, especially within a family of nations, cooperation is better than competition; it is also them who understand that development is better than blind austerity.

It is our way finally, by honoring Professor Friedrich Schneider – somebody who contributed in the measuring of the shadow economy – to recognize the problem that troubles our society, and our determination to deal with it.

source :ο-friedrich-schneider-κορυφαίος-οικονομολόγος-για-ζητήματα-παραοικονομίας-επίτιμος-διδάκτορας-του-τμήματος-δεσ

The University, The Department of International and European Studies


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