The psychology of the powerful


something to consider:

Why are they so powerful ?

We overestimate their power …

… as they are so doddery in their minds therefore desperately try to compensate their deficiency in compassion, empathy … ?

Why are they so powerful ?

In the huge world theatre, they are acting as the troupe mirroring the rest of the world (99,9%) our own nature’s weakness and thus we are so attracted and in the same way disgusted from their evil doings ?

Why are they so powerful ?

Because the self-appointed ‘elite’ only has as much power as we give them ?

Why are they so powerful ?

Maybe we have not thought, reasoning enough in an other direction, like acting, not re-acting as ONE humanity – and perhaps unite ?


– Parsifal

the article:

By Philippa Roxby Health reporter, BBC News 6 October 2012

World leaders are often accused of hubris, of wielding power in arrogant and self-serving ways.

Leaders and managers in public life rarely escape criticism when they make unpopular decisions either.

“The power has gone to his head” is an oft-heard accusation.

So are leaders losing touch with reality when they act in a power-hungry way?

According to psychologist Guy Claxton, professor of learning sciences at the University of Winchester, their actions could be to do with “a disorder of intelligence”.

At a Royal Society of Medicine conference this week, entitled The Intoxication Of Power, Prof Claxton says that human intelligence is made up of four different mental systems working in harmony.

When one of these systems is not used, the decision-making process can become unreliable and potentially dangerous.

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