Irony? Coincidence? Plan?


October 9: Symbolic day today. On October 9, 1944, three days before their departure, the Germans bombard Athens. Report: six dead and 22 wounded. Today, 68 years after, the Germans (Merkel), choose to make a show of strength in town again.


Visit the occupying

by  Jose Manuel Lamarque 

And now she comes to visit the damage she has caused.

Merkel is in Athens. Merkel should be pleased to see that she came to do.
The Prime Minister will he present to her the real Greek figures. More than 1000 suicides, 2 million unemployed in a country of 11 million inhabitants, 500.000 homeless, utilities to the brink, children who fall into their schools because they have not eaten. .
This inspection visit shows that they wanted to Greece. She comes to sea the results of the genocidal economic experience. For Merkel and her friends, it is a success, people are on their knees at the edge of slavery. Except today, we are no longer in 1941 when the Wehrmacht officers occupants visited the Acropolis.
If Merkel decided hungry the Greeks and burn their villages, she can not do. For millions of us to know what is happening in Greece. We are millions to help Greece and Greeks. With new technologies, we know what is happening in Greece. And I say to the Greek people that he is not alone. We must continue to fight to save Greece and deliver this new occupation.
The experience of economic genocide must end.
Never touch a hair of a Greek man or woman.
Greece is the cradle of my civilization.
My heart is French, and my soul is Greek.
Greece live without occupants!
Shame on you Mrs. Merkel!

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