by Basil Venitis
Atlas shrugged in the Cradle of Kleptocracy. It’s impossible for Greeks to
produce when Graecokleptocrats loot them with heavy taxes, especially the 23%
VAT, demand kickbacks, confiscate computers and personal files, impose stupid
laws and regulations, harass dissident bloggers, condone cybercop brutality, and
spread the cancer of socialism. Madhouse Greece! The freakish government of
Greece stole my life! Coca Cola Hellenic (CCH), the largest company of Greece, is leaving l’enfant
terrible of Fourth Reich, moving to Switzerland. The cradle of democracy has
become the cradle of kleptocracy! CCH shareholders, most of whom are abroad,
will exchange their stock for shares in Coca Cola HBC AG, based in Switzerland.
The stock will be listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Greece is becoming a Third World country! The government of Greece tortures hoi
polloi with huge taxation, 23% VAT, infinite bureaucracy, overcriminalization,
kangaroo justice, police brutality, cybercop barbarity, myriad licenses, myriad
applications, infinite queues, unbelievable political corruption, myriad bribes,
and infinite sadism. Only kith and kin of piggish Graecokleptocrats bypass this

A primary listing on Europe’s biggest and most liquid stock exchange reflects
better the international character of Coca Cola Hellenic’s business activities
and shareholder base. Samaras and Venizelos, Laurel and Hardy of Greek politics,
have deteriorated the investment climate.

Pasok and Nea Democratia mafias must be abolished now, because they have robbed
the Greek treasury and the pension funds, received myriad bribes and kickbacks,
exchanged sinecures for votes, spread the cancer of socialism, destroyed the
Greek economy, robbed the banks at gunpoint, imposed kangaroo justice,
persecuted dissident bloggers, established the impunity and immunity of
Graecokleptocrats, framed a ridiculous constitution, enslaved Greece to Fourth
Reich, debased the Greek soul, transformed the cradle of democracy to the cradle
of kleptocracy, and deteriorated the national character of Greece ……

Coca-Cola Co of USA has a 23-percent stake in CCH. This transaction makes clear
business sense. An overwhelming majority of shareholders have already accepted
moving a company which has long complained about Greek taxes. The main efforts
of Greek businessmen are not in producing good products at low prices in order
to increase market share and product growth, but in bribing kleptocrats, filling
myriad papers, avoiding stupid regulations, avoiding and evading overtaxation
and the 23% VAT, fighting stupid regulation, fighting the cancer of socialism,
and avoiding myriad stupid laws. Madhouse Greece!

CCH follows Greek dairy group FAGE this month in seeking a low-tax,
low-volatility haven for its corporate base. FAGE moved to Luxembourg. The major
export of Greece is Greeks themselves, immigrating to Anglosphere and Germany,
running away from kleptocracy, socialism, bureaucracy, heavy taxation, 23% VAT, 
cronyism, kangaroo justice, persecution of dissident bloggers, absurdity, Pasok
mafia, Nea Democratia mafia, and Orthodox mafia. Madhouse Greece! The freakish
government of Greece stole my life!

The Greek bourse is losing a very good company and the London Stock Exchange is
gaining a very important group. It’s very bad news for the Greek economy and
bourse. Greece, the land of kleptocracy, 23% VAT, and kangaroo justice, is a
backward Balkan country that persecutes dissident bloggers. The government of
Greece is a freakish blogbuster and the #1 enemy of the Greek people. That’s
why Greeks evade taxes and cheat their government in any way they can. But it’s
very hard to starve this beast. Winter of Greek Indignation. Madhouse Greece!

For brokers on the stock exchange, losing a stock that made up 8 percent of
daily turnover this year will be unwelcome. Total volume are down by half since
last year. The CCH move further discourages investment in Greece. There is no
way any prudent investor will throw a euro in the bankrupt Cradle of
Kleptocracy, which is infested with blogbusters and the cancer of socialism. 
More than two millennia ago, the Cradle of Democracy was the leading light of
Western civilization, the Graecoroman culture. Now the Cradle of Kleptocracy is
leading the way towards the decline of that civilization. It’s enough to inspire
a new Sophocles with a supertragedy…..

The Greek government is the #1 enemy of the Greek people! 

CCH rose to the top of corporate rankings as the values of Greek banks
collapsed. Greece, the supercorrupt bully of Fourth Reich, the filthiest of
PIGS, is mired in depression and faces mass discontent as its leaders continue
political corruption beyond imagination.

CCH is a healthy company that does not want to suffer from Greece’s high country
risk. Pasok and Nea Democratia, the two major political mafias of Greece, rely
on omerta to cover up their huge corruption. Foreign investors have been
steadily reducing their investment in the Athens Stock Exchange since Greece was
engulfed by the sovereign debt crisis in 2009. Greece’s future in eurozone
remains in doubt, as grexit is very probable.

CCH is doing most of its business outside Greece. CCH consistently outperformed
the general Athens stock market index, which has slumped to 20-year lows. One
must be very stupid to invest in Greece, the land of huge bureaucracy, huge
corruption, heavy taxes, 23% VAT, kangaroo justice, police brutality, cancer of
socialism, and persecution of dissident bloggers. 90% of new businesses go
bankrupt within a year, and survivors are harassed and looted by
Graecokleptocrats. Businessmen are treated like criminals. Even businesses
with real losses have to pay heavy taxes, subject to ridiculous pseudo-objective

CCH has become the country’s biggest firm by market value with a capitalisation
of around 6 billion euros, representing about a fifth of the Athens bourse’s
total. CCH last year made net profit of 330 million euros on sales of 6.85

Coca Cola USA points out Greece is currently facing a severe economic crisis
resulting from significant government fiscal deficits, high levels of government
borrowing, huge VAT, and huge political corruption. Troika must first demand the
abolition of impunity and immunity of Graecokleptocrats. Impunity and immunity
are the real cause of all Greek problems. Everything else appears trivial in
comparison. Do it right or don’t do it at all. 

read the full article here

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