In Greece, there are no real political parties, but political mafias! There are
no political leaders, but political godfathers. Any MP who does not kowtow to
the godfather automatically is expelled from the mafia. The two main political
mafias, Pasok and Nea Democratia, have destroyed Greece and debased the Greek
soul. Pasok is the most infamous political mafia on Earth!

Samaras has just expelled Nikos Stavrogiannis, one of his MPs, for threatening
to vote against the latest package of austerity measures. Stavrogiannis says: My
conscience does not allow me to vote for measures that devastate the weakest
members of society.

The expulsion of Stavrogiannis, who remains in parliament as an independent,
underscores Samaras’s hard line on MPs who do not agree with him. Government’s
spokesman, Simos Kedikoglou, says: Obviously we do not see eye to eye with Mr
Stavrogiannis. The vast majority of us have realised that there is an imperative
national duty that we must serve, that we must put the national interest above
everything else.

Troika must first demand the abolition of impunity and immunity of
Graecokleptocrats. Impunity and immunity are the real cause of all Greek
problems. Everything else appears trivial in comparison. Do it right or don’t
do it at all.
Nea Democratia and Pasok are going belly up. They are overwhelmed by debts of
300 million euros. The debts of the two mafias far exceed the combined 37
million euros the parties received in state funding last year.

Pasok and Nea Democratia mafias must be abolished now, because they have robbed
the Greek treasury and the pension funds, received myriad bribes and kickbacks,
exchanged sinecures for votes, spread the cancer of socialism, destroyed the
Greek economy, robbed the banks at gunpoint, imposed kangaroo justice,
persecuted dissident bloggers, established the impunity and immunity of
Graecokleptocrats, framed a ridiculous constitution, enslaved Greece to Fourth
Reich, debased the Greek soul, transformed the cradle of democracy to the cradle
of kleptocracy, and deteriorated the national character of Greece.

Parties that receive more votes get more funding. Relying on past good results,
the big political mafias have pledged future state funding as collateral for
bank loans. But in the 2012 election. their support collapsed, leaving them with
big loans and facing much smaller incomes. This is all about the exchange of
favors. These two mafias cannot pay the debt so it’s a vicious circle in which
they come to depend on the banks. It creates an interdependence of politicians
and banks.

At the 2012 election Pasok saw its share of the vote plunge from 43 percent to
12 percent, while Nea Democratia’s share fell from 33 percent to 29 percent. Nea
Democratia owes ATE bank 120 million euros and Pasok owes ATE 110 million euros.
ATE had to be rescued from collapse, taken over by Piraeus Bank.

Greece provides public funding for political parties and their election
campaigns. Last year the state handed out a total of 54 million euros. Each year
parties receive funding equal to 0.13 percent of annual state revenue. Greece
hands out three times the amount spent by Germany on political parties. Per
valid vote cast, Athens spends an average 9.4 euros versus Germany’s 3.1 euros.

The generous state funding in Greece is emblematic of the country’s financial
malaise. This self-serving mentality will not come to an end as long as Greece
is funded by the solvent states in the euro zone. The fact that Greek parties
get three times as much funding per vote as in Germany is part of the problem.

State funding to political parties must be adjusted to what the Greek economy
can afford and not be far off from the corresponding average in the European
Union. It is politically unacceptable for parties to be propped up with bank
loans when many businesses are unable to obtain credit even against sound

There is in Greece a general public mistrust of the system of political
financing and supervision, which may be attributed to an overall inefficient and
opaque system of supervision, in which political parties are both judge and

Partyfare is a new political disease. Partyfare allows political parties to rob
the State Treasury and banks by a simple vote in the parliament! The cost of
Greek politics is the highest in Fourth Reich. Recently, a thirty-million-euro
injection was granted again by the Grand Brothel of Democracy on Syntagma Square
to its hookers! Political parties in Greece are the highest funded in Europe as
a proportion of tax revenue, ten times more than in Germany. The Greek political
parties receive fifteen euros per vote in State funding, the highest in Europe.

The cost of politics in Greece is a scandal. It’s very freakish for hookers to
vote for themselves myriad euros all time! Political parties are supposed to
serve their citizens and not pump money out of them. Pasok and Nea Democratia
are responsible for all structural problems of Greece, leeches that have been
sucking out billions of taxpayers’ money. This is armed robbery, pure and

Whereas many EU countries are currently reviewing the funding system of
political parties to respond to the crisis, Graecokleptocrats are not setting a
good example. In the context of the reforms Greece has to undertake to receive a
new aid package, this kind of payment is a slap in the face of the Greek
citizens and the European partners. It is not acceptable for the European tax
payer to effectively pay for the enrichment of Graecokleptocrats. Eurozone
should not continue with another Greek bailout package since Graecokleptocrats
continue robbing the Greek Treasury. Partyfare undervalues the intelligence of
European taxpayers.

Socialistic politics leads naturally to deficits. Politicians typically insist
that they intend to constrain the growth of government spending, but in reality
they seldom are able to overcome the natural incentives of increasing government
spending. Greek elections bring Pyrrhic victories. Graecokleptocrats are more
concerned with elections than in making real spending cuts. We should keep in
mind the words of Pyrrhus after the battle of Asculum: Another such victory and
we will be undone.

Graecokleptocrats do not want to open the parliamentary candidates list and
allow people to apply to become an MP. They do not want to open up the talent
that is available for Parliament. If you believe in public service, if you want
to help your party clean up politics, if you share your party’s values, you
cannot become a candidate in a Greek political party, unless you are a part of
the mafia of that party.

Graecokleptocrats do not want to see any kind of primaries. I advocate open
primaries, where everyone in a constituency can vote for the next candidate.
Many countries have open primaries for many of their candidates for forthcoming
elections and they are really successful. Opening up the hall and saying to
anyone in the constituency – whichever party they belong to – come along and
vote for the next candidate has worked fantastically well in many countries.

In repeat Greek elections, Pigsty is followed. Greeks are not even allowed to
choose an MP from the list, but only a party! The party will dictate who are
going to be the pseudoelected MPs, in its own arbitrary order! This is a major
insult to democracy, and it encourages many secret deals. Many people are
willing to sell themselves and their fans in order to get listed near the top.

Greece is the queen of political corruption in Occident. The impunity of the 300
MPs of the Grand Brothel of Democracy on Syntagma Square is the most freakish
thing on Earth. Even though Graecokleptocrats loot many billion euros in bribes
and churning, Graecokleptocrats cannot go to jail! Graecokleptocrats are
protected by the parliamentary immunity, and nobody can touch them, no matter
what. Moreover, they have the nerve to jail dissident bloggers. It’s a long way
from the 300 Spartans of Leonidas! Allons enfants de la Grece!

The Greek government is the #1 enemy of the Greek people! 



Basil Venitis



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