Germany Officially Rejects Latest Greek Lie / Είπε ψέματα ο Στουρνάρας για την επιμήκυνση

Literally minutes ago we made it clear that the Greek FinMin is now officially lying on the tape, declaring his “hope” as a fact. It took Germany moments after our post to chime in and confirm that indeed, things are very, very serious, if the finance minister of a country is now blatantly lying. Via BBG


And EURUSD… spikes on the rejection of the lie. In other news, the market is about as unmanipulated as the Mitt Romney flash smash yesterday.

Our comment:

Please remember that the Greek people  have never asked money from anyone ! 

You must know that we, the Greek citizens, are victims of our Political Leadership and we are in no way involved in their actions. 

In few words, the situation in Greece is this: for approximately the last three years, Greece has been making headlines all over the world, and the general impression has been that the Greek government has been fighting tooth and nail to save the country from bankruptcy and ruin. In actual fact though, things couldn’t be more different, because, in reality, Greece’s alleged saviours are the same people who all this time have been fighting to bring the country and its people to their knees, and have unfortunately been very successful in their endeavors.

Specifically, since 2009, Greece has fallen prey to a handful of criminals who intentionally and following a detailed plan, have been tearing the country apart. Some of the results they have achieved until now are the following : the country is shunned from the markets and has become a laughing stock, it has lost any semblance of standing and sovereignty, and after the recent debt restructuring, it is practically bankrupt and under foreign administration. Governmental lending has skyrocketed and the public debt is unsustainable, business indicators and the market have collapsed, GDP has dramatically shrunk, the value of state property has reached rock-bottom, tens of thousands of businesses have closed, unemployment is up by 242% and for the first time in Greek history, those employed are fewer than those with no source of income at all. The majority of the population live below the poverty line, and a lot of people are in danger of losing their freedom because they can’t pay taxes and fees anymore. Day by day, more and more people no longer have access to food, shelter, medicine and medical care, schools and hospitals are closing, parents are forced to leave their children in various institutions as they can no longer afford to care for them, while pupils go to school without books and faint due to starvation. The Greek energy system has collapsed, there are power shortages, long forgotten diseases have reappeared due to the massive influx of illegal immigrants, poverty and insufficient medical care. The centre of Athens is now a ghetto and all big cities are swarming with homeless people. There is a reign of terror over society, the dignity of the Greek nation has been smashed to pieces and the country is suffering from depression.

From May 2010, massive, group and individual reactions of all kinds began, but it was impossible to stop the destruction of the country. Demonstrations, political rallies, street protests, law suits, complaints, indictments for high treason, open letters, official letters by ordinary people, academics  and artists, but all this was in vain. Nothing changed. The protests and demonstrations were dissolved using inhumane  police brutality  and everything else was ostentatiously ignored. As I said, hundreds  of complaints and indictments against the greek government was made, but because justice don’ t work, nothing changed. For this reason we have decided to turn to International Courts and now we are waiting help from them. If you want, you can support our legal battle by signing this petition to the Prosecutor of the ICC. On this blog you can also see a lot of evidence against the greek government and the other “saviours”. Click here.


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