Today in Berlin, Samaras and Merkel discuss pseudoprogress in the reforms of
Greece, bilateral issues, the general economic situation, as well as
developments in Fourth Reich. Samaras hoodwinks that great effort is made in
Greece with sacrifices by the Greek people in order for the country to regain
its credibility and the confidence of both the European peoples and the markets.
Samaras pretends Greece is reforming, and Merkel pretends she believes him!Graecokleptocrats have a long history of promising reforms and not delivering,
and this time is no different. After decades of using public services as
political spoils, Graecokleptocrats must also take on the corruption and
inefficiency they fostered before they can implement the reforms that creditors
demand before releasing further funds. Jeremiah would agree that changing a Graecokleptocrat’s attitude and habits is
as difficult as changing a leopard’s spots, mission impossible! Since the
government of Greece can never be reformed, I advocate the transformation of
Greek state from a single country to a confederation of city-states. Each Greek
city should be a separate state. Nothing could make Greeks happier than to see
the Grand Brothel of Kleptocracy on Syntagma Square in flames! Burning the Greek
parliament sounds like music in their ears! The cradle of democracy has become
the cradle of kleptocracy!Samaras says: In that direction, we are taking systematic measures and have
voted in a series of laws that ensure this course. The priority is to secure
liquidity, which is the blood of the economy. Liquidity and investments can
bring the much needed growth to a country ravaged by a huge problem, that of
unemployment, and particularly unemployment among young people. Europe is
proceeding decisively, evolving, with a new union being created in every sector.Eurozone paymaster Germany ratchets up the pressure on Graecokleptocrats, saying
Fourth Reich needs action, not words. Schaeuble declares promises of
Graecokleptocrats on reform are no longer good enough, because so many vows have
been broken and the country, which has been a bottomless pit, has to
dramatically change its ways. Schaeuble cannot understand why Graecokleptocrats
add insult to injury.Graecokleptocrats have learnt from experience how to siphon money from eurozone.
First, they create an enormous public debt buying votes, channeling money to
secret offshore accounts of kith and kin, creating myriad sinecures for cronies
and party members, churning public funds, looting the treasury, and financing
many scandals. Second, they cry wolf and ask for bailouts. Third, they demand
haircuts on debt. Fourth, they demand new haircuts, and so it goes until a new
cycle starts over again!

The stupid measures of piggish Graecokleptocrats are killing Greeks little by
little, and MPs in the Grand Brothel of Kleptocracy on Syntagma Square don’t
give a damn. MPs are rich, they have everything, and Greeks have nothing and are
fighting for crumbs. Greek MPs are paid 8,000 euros per month and many huge
fringe benefits that include free cars, free travel, rent subsidies, free
luxurious healthcare, free insurance, and generous pension in just four years. 
Moreover they enjoy immunity, and God only knows of their bribes and kickbacks.

The government of Greece in 2010 was so stupid that it hoodwinked all media that
I conspired to trigger a war between Greece and Turkey and blame Mariliza
Xenogiannakopoulou, Alternate Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece, for it!

Accusing dissident bloggers of treason, the Greek government manufactured a
blood libel in cyberspace, which in turn incites hatred. The deranged minister
gave my head on plate to Erdogan. Brutal Graecokleptocrats have destroyed my
life. My life is stolen. Now I demand my life back!

My persecution costs the government of Greece dearly, because fund managers who
follow my ordeal are pissed off, dropping Greek bonds and stocks like hot
potatoes, and advising all investors to stay away from Greece. In addition to
the default premium, Greek bond yields now also include the stupidity premium! 

Following the Law of the Least Common Denominator, the whole Fourth Reich might
deteriorate to the miserable level of Greece. Greece is a special basket case,
because of the unbelievable stupidity and corruption of the Greek government. 
Piggish Graecokleptocrats cannot be rehabilitated. EU cannot control these
freaks, who steal money and lives. They stole my life at gunpoint! Greece now is
the most corrupt country of Europe with huge taxation, 23% VAT, unbearable
bureaucracy and regulation, public employees demanding bribes for service,
kangaroo justice, brutal police, and violent cybercops. Investing in Greece is
money gone with the wind! Prudent investors should stay far away from Greece.

Merkel, who reads the blog every day, relishes
cooking with her physicist husband at her rural lakeside retreat north of
Berlin, buys her own groceries in the capital and holds up the mythical Swabian
housewife as symbol of German thriftiness in speeches. She doesn’t host dinner
parties. She lets off steam with hiking, cooking, laughing. Merkel dislikes
putting her foot down to solve disputes. She associates that form of exercising
authority with ill-tempered men who use arrogance to make up for their lack of
competence. Merkel thinks people who keep banging their fist on the table end up
getting ignored in the long run.

Basil Venitis (



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