The cradle of western civilization, the Thug-nations and the death of Democracy and Justice in Europe



By Kosmas Loumakis

On the tomb-stone it says:HELLAS was murdered by the Memorandums and the traitors of the country, year 2012,… 6000 years ancient civilization!

If the Western civilization were so superior, as so many want to believe,.. how come the cruelest Thug-nations are still those who rule?… Wouldn’t a true civilized culture had held those individuals, organizations, corporations, parties and nations to account and made them pay full financial and moral compensation to all those they have abused and killed? And most of all wouldn’t this self-appointed, superior, civilization had made it politically and legally impossible for any individual, any organization, any corporation, any party or any nation to commit such horrendous crimes against humanity again? The Thug-nations are of course those “kingdoms” who established their empires and their “wealth” through piracy, slavery, deceit, secret societies, conspiracies, murder, theft, robbery, genocide and illegal wars and who still continue to commit and defend such atrocities…

rafa-sanudo-cartoon-greek-vote-godsAncient Greece WAS indeed the cradle of civilization, but don’t make the mistake and think that it also is becoming its grave now, as some caricatures in the European media suggests. Greece is not becoming its grave, but rather the newly established, totalitarian, European dictatorship’s first victim in Europe…

The  conditions for the current death of Democracy in Greece and by that Europe, is  in reality something that the ancestors of the thug-nations has imported to us like the “conquistadors” brought syphilis and gonorrhea to the Native American people. The Thug-nations have been ruled by thugs and gangsters on the highest levels for centuries.  They dug the grave of Democracy  and western civilization already in 1910 from Jekyll Island, 3 years before the Manhattan penthouse meeting of the top-thugs and 99 years before these family-dynasties’ orchestrated, financial, terror-attack on Europe through modern Greece…

It was obviously a mistake from my ancestors to presume that thug-nations would appreciate becoming truly civilized – They believed that an informed, educated human who has developed his mind and his soul morally in accordance with the human nature, would also automatically appreciate and understand the concept of true freedom, and therefore not accept being imprisoned by superstition, cruel traditions, inhumane customsand religious dogmas… Because through that a human live a predestined, controlled, mechanized robot-life where most daily actions remain unexamined and uninvestigated mindless patterns,… the life of a mental slave in other words. A civilized human on the other hand, will himself resist and oppose tyrants and oligarchs, simply because he understands that its against the human nature to accept being treated like cattle and being controlled, directed and used as live stock for the benefit of a few thug-families. Civilized people understand that it is one thing to refine ones soul, raise ones awareness, develop ones mind and understand microcosmos and macrocosmos and the natural principles which govern life,… and a completely other thing to just STEAL or BORROW few precious “jewels”, from ones teacher’s, just to camouflage and hide ones cruelty and ones barbarism beneath the surface. If the priceless heritage of my ancestors is distorted and misused like that, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that we are all in this shit today! It is one thing to really understand the high morals and the true values behind real justice, real freedom and real democracy and another to just use the worthless words as “teaser-trailers”, for the next elections and as defense mechanisms for ones own purposes.

The thug-nations and their “elite” have long ago now, clearly shown that they are not fit to grasp the fundamental essence of Greek thinking, because that requires both the will and the ability to see much deeper and much further into human life, than the common narcissists and sociopaths can. Since narcissism, ego-centrism and sociopathy are the most obvious characteristics of the western societies today, its citizens are essentially morally “handicapped”. They are therefore destroying what they couldn’t really grasp, by distorting it, abusing it and pushing it into rigid, bureaucratic, dead systems that oppresses and strongly direct the lives of the masses and allows the rich to act irresponsible, arrogant, cruel and predatory… You can easily call that a really fatal misunderstanding of the original essence of Greek thinking… It is  like a Rolex-commercial expressed it on one of their advertisement boards in Verbier, Switzerland, showing a man’s hand and his shirtsleeve with a golden Rolex on his wrist and dirty finger nails. It said underneath: “It takes more than a Rolex to become a gentleman”! We, the thinking Greeks and all who understands the concept of true civilization, could easily say today to the western citizen and the thugs in charge: It takes more than a couple of PhD’s, a fat bank account and an Italian suit to become civilized

The thug-nations and their leaders must get this:

You don’t become civilized just because you wear my ancestors intellectual “garments” and spiritual “jewels”, when you wear them only to make your ugliest desires and urges look decent,… just to camouflage your barbarism!


My ancestors established the cradle of what could have been the Europeans path to true civilization and its true spiritual heritage and you all (including modern Greeks who are particularly gang-raped by this excuse for a civilization) chose to limit those great gifts to simple lip-service, vulgar needs, negotiable values, ill-translated laws and fake democracies… You were all easily fooled into choosing the plutocratic, fake form of democracy and the obvious, class-adjusted justice, because you yourselves still have not freed yourselves from the boundaries of your own “slave-mentality”. You know, the mentality that accepts that some people who call themselves “elite” have the right to misuse and oppress other humans, including you. To conform to that and adjust ones life to the aims of “the elite” is not only proof of cowardice but mainly a proof of enslavement. To not believe that real freedom and equality can exist is being a victim of slave-mentality… On “the path” that your leaders have pulled you into, and with the delusion of their power you are intoxicated with, you can NEVER be free in reality. To try to joke away, excuse or defend your impotent civilization attempts, doesn’t benefit anything else except your actual impotence.

This impotence shows it clearest face when you are saying: “Well it’s always been like that and it will always be like that, the rich will always rule”…  To believe that and accept that does show in a very clear way that you and your ancestors actually don’t have a clue of what Greek thinking might had opened your soul to, you just took it and dressed up in it just to “look good”,… exactly as you do today with your Indian yoga, your Italian suite, your Swiss watch and your German car, thinking that, that will give you reasons to call yourself civilized. Not even repeating long lines from some giant author confers any civilization on you, just an acknowledgement as a good parrot with a good memory. In fact, only others of the same slave-mentality will see you as “successful”, the rest will see you as a dressed up monkey who have learned some charming tricks in one of the main training facilities for “intelligent monkeys”. I have stated many times in my articles that intelligence without wisdom is the most dangerous force in universe, and I can add today that the well trained monkeys who are convinced that they are civilized, due to astyled surface, are this planets most dangerous inhabitants.

If that is the ethics and the norms you all comply with, then explain to me why shouldn’t I get myself a nice mansion, a 100 foot yacht and a stock-market introduced corporation tomorrow with exactly the same accepted methods,… by brute force and cruelty?

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