Honorable MEPs, you have a great responsibility to inform us about what is going on in EU for us without us

European parliament sign

by Euripides Billis,  Ex-Assistant Professor National University of Athens (NTUA)

Honorable President of the European Parliament MR Martin Schulz,

cc: Honorable Members of the European Parliament, Honorable President, Honorable Vice Presidents and Honorable other Members of the Committee. Honorable Members of the European Parliament,  

As an elected President of our EU Parliament,  please allow me to tell you,  that you have a great responsibility to all EU citizens.

You have a great responsibility to inform them about what is going on in EU for them without asking them.

As it is now  enough obvious,  some in EU decided undemocratic different things, absentee of the Europeans.

As you have to inform us about all these, please answer the following questions.


As you have to inform us about all these, please answer the following questions.

1.    As we understand EU neoliberals of the markets transform Europeans  to Chinese using the  criminal and genocide method of internal devaluation

To Chinese about salaries but to Europeans according the cost of life.  Is it this their plan Your Honor?

2.    As you know a lot of EU countries are today  governed by the method of “his new kind of democracy” president Barosso (his not ours, as he is not elected).

By troikas, gaulauters, commissioners  and by puppet prime ministers and governments.  Is that the EU they  planned without asking EU citizens??  

With their peoples slaves, as his excellency (this disgusting person) Draggi of ECB stated a lot of times??

3.      You have to know your Honor that any labor law and any labor right it is “canceled”  in Greece and in other EU countries by EU troikas who ordered that to puppet governments on behalf of the not elected president, vice presidents, commissioners etc,  of EU?  

And the working conditions are “jungle” ones, worse than the existing at middle age.  

What is your response your Honor as our elected president of EU Parliament to all these ??

4.    It is widely  propagated that EU of the markets  (of the not elected Barosso etc) intend to abrogate the EU nations and to create a mixed salad of EU citizens, immigrants etc,  so as to create their (stupid) “cherished and valuable” dream of a globalized EU village. Is that their plan your Honor??  

And if it is,  don’t you understand  your Honor that the “beauty” of EU are its nations, each with it individual and priceless civilization, culture etc.

5.   What is in that case your reaction to that crime your Honor?? What kind of great hypocrisy is that by them that for many years pretended that they aimed to save the different minorities (language, culture etc)  in EU countries?? And on the other hand they destroy EU nations and EU civilization??

At last what is your response your Honor to the enslavement of EU citizens to the markets?? Which includes all the above??

And don’t you understand Your Honor that all the above plans of the markets with organs the referred not elected of EU persons will surely mark the end of EU??  

If you think your Honor that all the above are naïve questions, please “forgive” my naivete.

And even you are  obliged to answer to EU citizens I am sorry to know that you never do it. Let’s see this time about that.


Sincerely Yours

Euripides Billis                                                                                                                                                              

Ex-Assistant Professor National University of Athens (NTUA)

Michalacopoulou Av 155, Athens 115257, Greece     


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