The Debt Crisis: From Europe to Where? – Free e-book

Authors: Damien Millet,Daniel Munevar, Eric Toussaint, Renaud Vivien
Editors: Sushovan Dhar, Sundara Babu Nagappan

1. Editors’ note
2. Prologue The CADTM: 20 years of struggle for the oppressed – Eric Toussaint
3. Introduction by Eric Toussaint

European Capitalism in Crisis
4. Greece: The very symbol of illegitimate debt – Eric Toussaint
5. Europe Gets Shock Therapy like Latin America in the 1980s and 1990s – Eric Toussaint interviewed by Carlos Alonso Bedoya
6. Greece, Ireland and Portugal: why agreements with the Troika are odious – Renaud Vivien & Eric Toussaint
7. Greece: The IMF and Lagarde get it wrong – Eric Toussaint & Damien Millet
8. All the loans accorded by the Troika are illegitimate – Eric Toussaint interviewed by Ana Benačić
9. In the eye of the storm: the debt crisis in the European Union – Eric Toussaint interviewed by the CADTM
10. Now approaching Spain, the bank hurricane continues along its path of destruction – Eric Toussaint

The Global Context
11. G20: The Symbol of a System Failure – Eric Toussaint
12. Barack Obama: The change that didn’t happened – Eric Toussaint & Daniel Munevar

Resistance & Alternatives
13. The International Context of the Global Outrage- Eric Toussaint
14. Seismic election results in Greece – Eric Toussaint
15. Do we need a public debt? – Damien Millet & Eric Toussaint
16. Our AAA : Audit, Action, Abolition – Damien Millet & Eric Toussaint
17. Eight key proposals for another Europe – Eric Toussaint

End Notes


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