Expedition Freedom: In Greece something good is happening Time to go and see…

Expedition Freedom Intro
by FreeLab Laboratorium Wolności on Mar 20, 2013 

In September/October 2013 we plan to make a tour throughout Greece, visiting communities that are building new ways of living – in the heart of crisis, austerity and bankrupt state. 

We want to learn from those, who do not despair, but struggle day by day to keep Greece alive and thriving. 

We will share their stories with the world over internet video stream, video blogging, articles, documentaries. 

We shall tell the world that people can live in dignity, in solidarity, even if opressed by global crisis and powers that be. 

And that they are doing damn well! 

In the beginning of June 2013 I am coming to Greece for a preliminary research trip. I would like to meet you and learn your story. If you want to, please contact me over internet, or talk to my Greek friends.

Expedition Freedom: the introductory presentation

After The Commons Conference in Berlin, I am going to hitchhike south and visit Greece. The plan is to meet asm many groups and communities there and make a short list for the Great Journey in September/October. I am now building a long list of contacts. for the pre-research.

So, if you have some friends involved in social initiatives in Greece, please spread the intro I prepared:



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