LITTLE LAND – trailer

A land rediscovering its own powers in order to survive the crisis. A story about how to live better with less and why this is important for us today…

Since the start of the crisis in Greece, a growing number of young unemployed Athenians are moving to the countryside, hoping to change their lives for the better.

The film follows 35-year-old Thodoris, as he settles on the remote island of Ikaria. There, he discovers a society with a unique culture of autonomy and cooperation, and a people who live not only better, but longer than everyone else, making the island one of the world’s few ‘blue zones’ where inhabitants enjoy extraordinary longevity.
Director Nikos Dayandas goes in search of the Ikarian secret, discovering how the islanders’ radically different lives are increasingly relevant to us in times of economic and social upheaval.

New York Times, “The Island where People Forgot to Die”

“We often hear about viability and sustainable development; Little Land is a film exactly about how to live in harmony with nature, with our fellow human beings, and about how we can rationally use the resources of this planet.” Ηead of Energy Policy for WWF Greece


Writer | Director: 

Nikos Dayandas


Stelios Apostolopoulos

Nikos Dayandas & Dimitra Kouzi

Nikos Vavouris

Panos Ghikas & Johannes von Weizsäcker

Rea Apostolides & Yuri Averof. Produced in association with ARTE and ERT. With the support of MEDIA.
World distribution: 

Anemon Productions

sources: ,

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το κείμενο στα ελληνικά


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