28th of October: the anniversary of our NO to the fascism of Mussolini and of our victory against him


Greece would say OXI all over again

Honorable President of the European Parliament MR Martin Schulz,

cc: Honorable Members of the European Parliament, Honorable President, Honorable Vice Presidents and Honorable other Members of the Committee

Today 28th of October we Greeks have the anniversary  of our OHI (NO) to the fascism of Mussolini  and of our victory against him when he attacked Greece on 28thOctober 1940.  After  Mussolini’s defeat (the first victory against the AXIS) Greece suffered the attack from Hitler, with the aid of both Bulgaria  and Albania.

And as a lot of analysts say, because Hitler lost a lot of time in the war against Greece, he attacked late against the Soviet Union, during winter.  And together with the  brave fight of Russians he lost the war also because of the heavy winter of Russia.

And as other analysts say, this is the reason of Merkel’s hate against Greeks. Because Merkel surely counts herself as the continuator of Hitler’s “attempt” for the German “lebensraum”

After the German occupation of Greece,  we had the below genocide of the Greek people, the forced occupation loan, and all the others attached.

The same way Greeks fought against the fascism of the Third Reich and were at last free,  be sure that soon the neo-NAZI fascism of the Fourth Reich of Merkel will  soon get kicked out of our country. Regardless how many other Greek traitor politicians Merkel  finds.

Sincerely Yours

Euripides Billis, Ex-Assistant Professor National University of Athens (NTUA),Michalacopoulou Av 155, Athens 115257, Greece    


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