OPEN LETTER TO THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT (European Commission and human rights violations )


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C.c. Hon Nigel Farage MEP

Honourables, – President, – Members MEP, – Commissioners

This Australian Citizens Committee for Civil Concerns, in conjunction with the Australian Hellenes & Europe Nexus, hereby acknowledge Ambassador Ad.H. Hon. Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos’ letter (as below). His deepest concerns regarding violations of human rights by the State (of Hellas – Greece) are hereby endorsed, approved absolutely, and submitted (per his below appended letter) under your in depth consideration.

We refer to the contents of your written reply of the 17th of September to members of European Parliament belonging to GUE-NGL that submitted a written question to the European Commission concerning the UN report on violations of human rights in Hellas (Greece) as a result of dictating and forcing unbearable austerity measures (005633/2014).

PARTICULAR NOTE: Evidently Mr Jyrki Katainen is EU’s “Vice-President for Jobs, Growth, Investment and Competitiveness” i.e. the very same person who directs and pulls the strings on what is meted out upon Hellenes, through the Troika dictates. To justify his austerity experimentations (testing how far can the surgery cut) he contends that virtually the said crimes against humanity are not criminal, but are necessary measures for implementing his undertakings. Therefore because of his opposing jurisdiction, his unqualified reply which virtually denies the criminality effects, is thus unacceptable

In your written reply it is contended per “Answer given by Mr Katainen on behalf of the Commission” that –

” The Commission is fully aware of the difficult social situation in Greece and the reform programme has a strong focus on employment and social policies to tackle it. The programme keeps very much in mind the need to ensure the fairness of the adjustment process, protecting the low income groups. It puts great emphasis on reforms to create sustainable growth and jobs, and includes policies aiming to increase the effectiveness of social safety nets and to widen the scope of unemployment benefits to the long-term unemployed and the access of the uninsured to health services. In addition, a minimum income guarantee scheme is being launched on a pilot basis. This scheme will be rolled-out across the country in phased manner, starting in 2015. Concerning unemployment, schemes financed with EU structural funds are already in place to recruit young and long-term unemployed

Prima-facie such reasoning is no more than socio-alchemy seeking to justify the restructure experimenting on the nation of Hellenes. The detailed outlining of the program implies the wanton espousing by EU’s agencies of the said experimentation. Also it advocates the Government’s propaganda “success stories” which, after so many years of inflicted tyranny, have failed to allay the fears and the degrading of human rights of the citizens. Thus proving wanton experimental attacks on human rights, futile, insincere and UNTRUE

It is noted (per Google research) that the writer Mr Jyrki Katainen, as EU’s “Vice-President for Jobs, Growth, Investment and Competitiveness”, is far from being competent concerning “human rights”. Rather he appears to uphold austerity program interests, above (even sacrifices) “human rights”. He pretends to theorise the sorrow for what befalls the people of Hellas. But above all, he tolerates the mass unemployment, desperations and suicides, deprivations, massive emigration and brain-drain, and nationwide impoverishment, homelessness, social devastations, abuse of human rights and loss of personal and national dignity, as all have to be had for the programmed reconstruction experiment, evidently under the respondent’s own jurisdiction. This would constitute incompetence for such written reply.

In this instance, the Commission declines its protecting the substantial human rights of the individual or/and the group of citizens from government unjust impositions. It sacrifices them, and is biased against them, supporting the techno-administrative and financial dominance of the “world banksters” – the “new world order”

It should be underlined that the dictated catastrophic “austerity measures” savagely imposed for some number of years, did nothing more than strip the dignity and the rights of humanity in Hellas. Thousands are driven to acts of desperation, even suicide. Unemployment runs high, over 50%, bringing all lifelines to a desperate mark-time. Hundred-thousands expatriate elsewhere for employment which also results in severe brain-drain

Hellas the craddle-land of European civilisation is thus victim to the “new world order” experiment. Is such the union of nations, rich in European civilisations, history, and cultures, that Marshal Charles De-Gaul had visualised? Evidently not, it is derailed and wrongly evolves to a German EU reigned by Merkel, Rompuy, Baroso, Scheuble, Ren, Schults, troikas and other agents. This catastrophic tragedy is of paramount concern to us all in Hellas, Cyprus, and worldwide, as epitomised in the following quotes:

” As an EU citizen I really feel ashamed by your reply which is also erroneous. Instead of the Commission doing everything possible to safeguard the respect of human rights in Greece, as it did during the period of the military dictatorship, it is attempting with your answer to hide behind legalistic creations and conclude that the Loan Agreement lies out of the scope of implementation of the Charter since it is not EC law but a bilateral issue between Greece and its lenders

” This does not make sense since the Loan Agreement of May 2010 in its article 14.2 mentions that it is the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Justice of the EU to settle disputes which may arise between the parties. Consequently the Loan Agreement is within the framework of EC law. But even if it was as is mentioned in your reply, it should be recalled that many of the articles of the Charter are included in the Lisbon Treaty, like for example article 2 concerning the respect for human dignity. The Lisbon Agreement is implemented by all Member States of the EU. “

Your answer ignores the severely tyrannic conditions meted upon Hellas’ entire population, which now is urgently in desperate need of your European Commission’s protection of human rights. It should be noted that such tyrannic conditions are unconstitutionally forced upon the people by orders of “the troika of the lenders”; in violation of the peoples’ national sovereignty

It would be gratefully appreciated if you could reverse this mistake; It devastates even more the reliability of the EU in the eyes of its people, and at least you could apologize to those EU citizens whose human rights are no longer protected by the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU, as mentioned in your said reply

Your acknowledgement of receipt and relevant advice shall be appreciated

Yours sincerely

Eleftheriades, George Savva, OAM, GCSCG, CETr, JP.
49A Tramway Street, Rosebery, NSW, Australia, 2018.

1956/91: – Academician-Educationist. – Government Approved Provider of Education. – Catechist
Collegiarch (Head of Colleges), Athenaeum Communiversity Colleges (Sydney 1974/91)
Listed in Federal Government Select Register for Advisory Services.
Formerly: – Administration Clerk, British Forces, Suez, Egypt (1944/1954)
– Public Servant, PMG – Australia Post (1955/1991)
– Manager (Night Staff), Rushcutters Bay Mail Centre (1987/1991)
Member: – Greek Australian Professionals Association (GAPA, 1988/2003)
– Hellenic Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (HACCI, 1989/93)
– Order of Australia (invested 8.6.1998);
– Judiciary (admitted Justice of the Peace, 15.2.1967);
– Protospathaire (Knight Commander) Saint Eugen Order of Trapezous;
– Grand Croix (cross), Order of Saint Constantine the Great;
Nominated for non-political peerage in the House of Lords (UK 2002)


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– Μαύρη προπαγάνδα της Κομισιόν !!

Report of the Independent Expert on the effects of foreign debt and other related international financial obligations of States on the full enjoyment of human rights, particularly economic, social and cultural rights – Mission to Greece (A/HRC/25/50/Add.1)

– Austerity is illegal: Troika acts against EU law and human rights The EU’s austerity policy is unlawful, according to Professor Andreas Fischer-Lescano, a professor at the Centre for European Law and Politics (ZERP), University of Bremen, who drew up a paper for the Austrian Trade Union Federation (ÖGB), the Austrian Federal Chamber of Labour, the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) and the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI). The report was adopted on 28 November in Vienna and presented at a conference of lawyers from across Europe.

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