Greece demands payment of €279 billion by Germany for Nazi-era crimes


Left image: Sebastian Zwez [CC BY 3.0 de], via Wikimedia Commons; Right image: By Elliniki dimokratia  [CC BY 3.0 gr], via Wikimedia Commons

by Dr. Rath Health Foundation 

In a further show of strength against the dictatorial Brussels EU, the government of Greece is demanding the payment of €279 billion by Germany as reparations for Nazi-era crimes. Presented by deputy Greek finance minister Dimitris Mardas in a long-awaited announcement, the amount cited includes repayment of an occupation loan that Nazi Germany forced the Bank of Greece to make in 1942. With the Greek national debt now amounting to over €316 billion, the settling of this demand in full by Germany would effectively bring an end to the economic austerity measures that Greece is currently subject to and free it from the control of the so-called Troika (the International Monetary Fund, the Brussels EU and the European Central Bank).

Predictably, Berlin has thus far rejected the Greek government’s demands. Claiming that the matter had already been settled in post-war payments, Germany’s economy minister, Sigmar Gabriel, tried to dismiss the reparations as “stupid.” Across in Athens, however, the issue is seen entirely differently. Panos Kammenos, the Greek defense minister, says Greece has obtained “stunning evidence” from U.S. military records in support of its claim. “The evidence is so compelling,” says Kammenos, “that it will lead to the reopening of cases, even those that have already gone to court.”

Whatever happens next, two things are already certain. Firstly, the Greek people have suffered enough and are no longer prepared to accept the vicious financial austerity measures that the Brussels EU-led Troika has subjected them to. With 26 percent of the working population now unemployed, bankruptcy rife and their children going hungry, the people of Greece are crying out for change. In this situation, rather than acting to solve the growing humanitarian crisis, it speaks volumes that German leader Angela Merkel and the Brussels EU have essentially chosen to ignore it and are instead insisting on full repayment of the Greek debts.

Secondly, try as the Brussels EU might to hide the truth, global awareness of its Nazi roots continues to grow. First published in 2010, our book “The Nazi Roots of the Brussels EUis now available in 12 languages. With copies continuing to be distributed and downloaded throughout the world on a daily basis, and articles about the book already having been published in international newspapers, the shocking truth about the construct’s origins is rapidly becoming common knowledge.

Set against this background it is clear there can now be no escape for the Brussels EU. One way or another change will come and the construct’s dictatorship will be replaced by a Europe for the People, by the People. It is no longer a matter of whether this will happen, but simply a matter of when.

9 April, 2015



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