Cretan Network Against Industrialized R.E.S : “NO to the new occupation of R.E.S*

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NO to the new occupation through R.E.S.

Gathering from the whole of Crete, we met at the assembly of the Cretan Network Against Industrialized R.E.S. to talk about current issues that concern the network, but also the recent and rapid developments/decisions as far as R.E.S. are concerned in Crete. We came to the following resolution:

NO to the new occupation through R.E.S.

Greece today is experiencing one of the darkest periods in its history. Unemployment, starvation, degradation, suicides and a generalized sell-off of its land, natural resources as well as its archaeological and cultural wealth. These are the primary results of the political choices and manipulation of the rulers that handed our national sovereignty over to the Troika and the banking lobby, binding the lives and future of millions of people.

At the same time, using Green Development and Renewable Energy Sources as a “Trojan Horse,” the multinational corporations and their local accomplices are moving ahead implementing Fast Track procedures (accelerated approval of permits) in the largest looting of land and environmental destruction that has taken place in the history of Greece. Using climate change and the salvation of Greece as an excuse, almost all mountaintops, hillsides, fields, even protected areas, are being granted to the investors of: wind, hybrid, solar and solar-thermal power plants. Thousands of acres of precious vegetation are being deforested only to be covered with millions of cubic metres of cement and steel. Water draining and storage tanks able to contain millions of cubic metres will be built wherever there are surface and underground deposits of water, with a supposed aim of controlling the most valuable of natural resources, water itself.

Obviously, the investors/occupiers of the country believe that the will be able to carry on with their scandalous plans unhindered. The people, who have been methodically dragged into unemployment and poverty, are being blackmailed through the pressure of taxes and tolls to consent to those who promise us the breadcrumbs of so-called Development: work places with hunger salaries.

Let them know that this island, Crete, which still smells of fire and gunpowder, sweat and blood, is not negotiable, will not be surrendered nor be given.

We are in a position to successfully exhaust all legal and judicial means in our struggle, but we will not stop there.

We are continuing the information war with success. Every village, every neighbourhood will become a pocket of resistance, through all means, so that the plans of the wannabe “investors” and their local representatives are cancelled.

Our struggle is a part of the total struggle which the people are giving to overthrow the supervisory regime and the politics of the memorandum.

We will not allow any banker or treacherous Prime-minister, to christen, in the name of the Greek people, this predatory invasion of R.E.S., as a “national priority”, or even the Minister of Environment Energy & Climate Change (who should already have been behind bars according to the general agreement of even his own colleagues), to predetermine the future of Crete and Greece in a fascist manner. As many signatures as they place, as many decisions as they make, they will be invalid.

The reason is that nobody granted them the right to decide together with foreign centres of power on subjects that concern the Greek people, without the Greek people. Because they undemocratically and illegally vote for and apply unconstitutional legislation that violates international conventions as well as human rights.

We have a Dept – the only dept we recognise – and a heavy duty to continue the struggle of our ancestors, who fought to liberate us.

Crete has historically proven that it knows how to resist, fight, overthrow and prevail!

Panormo 08-04-2012

*Renewable Energy Sources

relative Υποβλήθηκαν προσφυγές στο ΣτΕ κατά των φαστ τρακ Β-ΑΠΕ στην Κρήτη [βίντεο],


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